一个女生, 独立的, Episcopal day school in Tampa, 佛罗里达, educating students in pre-k through twelfth grade

Middle Division 学者


student working at a desk, private school, tampa flaIn Middle Division (sixth to eighth grade), students grow comfortable in who they are and gain confidence in their potential. 我们的支持, close-knit community surrounds students with every imaginable opportunity to discover and explore current and emerging talents, create meaningful friendships, and perform at their academic best. 


The Middle Division academic program is designed to help students develop executive functioning skills, 巩固学习习惯, strengthen their writing, increase problem-solving abilities, and grow into well-rounded, 成功的学习者. Throughout the three years, they will read and comprehend complex texts, research advanced topics, practice public speaking in front of their peers等等. For detailed descriptions of our classes, please see the Middle Division Curriculum Guide.

In Middle Division, Students Gain:


  • academic acumen through a challenging and engaging curriculum

  • 艺术 inspiration through classes like Design 艺术, 工作室艺术, 剧院, and 音乐 (a choice of Band, 管弦乐队, 风笛, 或合唱团)

  • language acquisition in their choice of Spanish, French, Latin, or Mandarin Chinese

  • advanced STEM knowledge through mathematics and science courses

  • global perspectives on international community-service 旅行 to the Dominican Republic or the Bahamas, and self-discovery through class 旅行 to space camp, 萨凡纳等等

  • guidance through weekly advisory, plus personalized counseling and academic support

  • community service experience through year-long service projects focusing on sustainability, 食品不安全, 和无家可归, partnering with local organizations such as Metropolitan Ministries—and six full school days each year are spent doing community service activities

  • collaborative opportunities within all subject areas, enhanced by state-of-the-art facilities such as the Smith Fabrication Studio, Stefanie’s Black Box 剧院, 长者数码实验室, 现代化的教室

  • a weeklong orientation for all three grade levels (experiential class bonding to build character, 毅力, 和弹性), including a trip to North Carolina for eighth graders

  • the freedom to explore unique interests and passions through 课外学习 比如学生社团 体育团队

  • 的机会 成为领导者 within their student clubs, 体育团队, 精神生活等等

  • 进入 最新的技术 加强学习 

  • 的机会 learn a new skill or hone a craft through electives like Debate, 首个乐高联盟, 数字设计, 吉他, 和哲学

  • the chance to compete at exciting events such as Middle Division Field Day, 书籍之战, and Cope/Mitre contests

Life in Middle Division