A coed, independent, Episcopal day school in Tampa, Florida, 教育学生从学前班到十二年级

Tuition and Financial Aid

2024-2025 TUITION


Pre-K/Kindergarten: $22,170

First to Fifth Grade: $25,880

Sixth to Eighth Grade: $30,600

Ninth to Twelfth Grade: $33,970


Tuition is payable in eight installments. Payments do not cover the cost of uniforms, books, supplies, lunches, laptops (if applicable), transportation, special event admission fees, 或学生在棋牌游戏平台的日常活动中产生的其他费用.



棋牌游戏大全致力于招收多元化和有才华的学生. 我们努力使所有家庭,无论其社会经济地位如何,都能获得和负担得起教育经验. 棋牌游戏平台很幸运,它的4美元有很多.400万美元的财政援助预算由已建立的捐助者的慷慨资助 named endowments in support of the financial aid program.


If you have questions about financial aid, please contact Julia Loncar, 招生和财政援助副主任, by calling (813) 885-1673 or emailing

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A Note About Vouchers


棋牌游戏大全不接受任何政府机构以任何理由提供的任何款项. 这样做可能会使学校容易受到政府的干预, jeopardizing the independence we cherish. 我们鼓励有经济需要的家庭申请经济援助, 是由棋牌游戏平台以各种方式资助的吗, though not through governmental subsidy.

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Financial Aid Deadlines


November 1:可在线申请经济援助


February 1: Financial Aid Applications Due


Early March: Notification of Financial Aid Decisions

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